Knowledge, experience and skills

Investing in real estate is not just about location, stones and profitability. Also a pleasant cooperation and trust in each other is a must. A reliable partner to whom you can entrust your money. Bas and Casper, the initiators of Steenstraat, have a lot experience, each in their own area of expertise. Especially the bundling of their specific knowledge, experience and skills creates a solid foundation under Steenstraat. The entire Steenstraat team is multidisciplinary and hands-on. The extensive knowledge network of Steenstraat also adds value to the realization of the plans.

Bas Lubbers

Bas is tax lawyer and started his career in 1990 at a precursor of E & Y. Then he worked for various firms as a tax consultant and partner. In 2004, Bas moved to the real estate industry as a partner / shareholder in a medium developer investor in the Randstad. Bas has a lot of experience in developing property and investing in property in the broadest sense. He was responsible for the purchase, sale and financing of real estate and commercial activities of the company. At Steenstraat, Bas is mainly responsible for commerce and development and buying and selling of homes. Also commercial and technical management is his job.

Casper van Werven

Casper has over 20 years of relevant experience. He has a business (accounting) and tax background and worked throughout his career in the tax consultancy, a bank and a real estate investment company. Casper aims at a solid organization and investment policy. At Steenstraat,  Casper is mainly responsible for finance, including the administration and bank financing, the creation of mathematical models and transparent information to investors of Steenstraat.

Nathalie Meijer

Nathalie graduated as a corporate and tax lawyer. At the beginning of her career, she worked in the general tax advisory practice, later within the mergers and acquisition practice of PWC. In addition, she gained experience in a wide range varying from acquisituing and financing to VAT and contract law. Witin Steenstraat, Nathalie is responsible for, among other things, rentals.