Steenstraat is an independent real estate investor in the Netherlands. Steenstraat aims to collaborate with a group of private investors and builds with them a portfolio consisting of rental houses in the Randstad and other urban areas in the Netherlands. The properties are carefully selected and judged on feasibility, risk profile and performance requirements. Then, in consultation with the investors, it is decided to acquire the property. In a transparent way so that investors see what we do and are involved in the process. The structure of the investment is set up in consultation with the investors.

Vision and strategy

Steenstraat believes in the opportunities of investing in the Randstad. After all, here you will find the most activity, economic development, employment and  facilities.

Our vision is that we want to achieve an above-average return with a relatively low risk, along with an group of investors, by investing in the Randstad and other urban areas within the Netherlands.

We do this by combining the network in real estate with our extensive experience  and turn this into promising and solid propositions by investing in rental properties.

Steenstraat then manages the property, which involves the operation of maintenance, rental of the apartments and the development of the property. If promising newbuilding projects will occur, Steenstraat will definitely consider investing in these opportunities.

Sustainability is an important theme at Steenstraat. We want to allow the renovation and reconstruction of the objects to be as sustainable as possible and to aim for as low energy consumption as possible. Therefore, if possible, we will make sustainable adjustments to homes such as the installation of solar collectors, HR ++ glass and cold / heat storage where possible. This not only results in economic benefits but also meets social and environmental requirements.


It is said that location is the determining factor in the world of real estate. Yet, a good team of people is definitely so important if not more. Steenstraat does not have a strong organizational structure but works one by one with partners who have proven themselves well. Steenstraat works with the best professionals and strives for an organization that is lean and mean. We are organized so that we can perform our task perfectly.

We have the know-how in place to structure the financial side of our projects so that our investors know exactly where they stand. Transparency is definitely part of this.

As a result, we are able to provide affordable and carefree living for tenants on the one hand and to achieve an above average return for the investors on the other hand.